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Blissful Relaxation Vanilla Mother's Day Gift Chest

The Vanilla Bliss Spa Gift Basket is a gift that surrounds the senses in an intoxicating essence that's exotic and delicate. Vanilla, sultry amber, and notes of warm sandal and cedar woods evoke a mood of relaxation with this comforting Spa Collection gift. Give her a moment of true bliss! The Blissful Relaxation Vanilla Gift Chest includes a Seagrass gift chest, Happy Mother's Day gift card, fingernail bristle brush, vanilla poured glass candle, bath sponge ball, Vanilla Incense, aromatherapy vanilla potpourri, exfoliating bath loofah, 8 oz. Fresh Vanilla lotion, 8 oz. Fresh Vanilla body lotion, 8 oz. Fresh Vanilla bubble bath, 4 oz. Fresh Vanilla bath salts, 8 oz. Fresh vanilla sugar scrub. - $65.00

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