Where do I start? Well I was born and raised in Providence, RI and daughter to Rev. Henry L and Victoria McRae. Yep I'm a Preacher's Kid but God had His hand on me and for that I am truly grateful.

At an early age I had always been creative and different. I loved to create things and I could do it just by looking at something for a few seconds and I could recreate it. I didn't want it to be same like I saw it so I would add "Alita's Flare" to it. It needed to be daring, different, elegant, and unique. I loved watching my cousin "Lisa" do hair at her shop in Pokomo City, MD and I was amazed how she created style. I would sit and watch and then one day said I can do this, so I would stand in front of a mirror and mimic what she did. This led me to going to hair school to learn how to do hair, and of course added my flare it it. This was no ordinary flare but solar panels, jewelry, money you name it. Anything to be different I did. I was was always known as the girl with the unique hairstyles and or fashion. From fashion, nails, writing, playing the piano, singing, graphics, crocheting, building websites you name it! Creativity is my calling!

Why an Entreprenuer?

Well I believe that before the foundations of the earth God knew each one of us here on earth would be here, and He gave each of us gifts and talents to use for His Glory and to bless others. I've always knows that I would be a business owner and after I gave my life to the Lord it was important that I fullfil that purpose. As a believe of Christ it's important that I be a light in the marketplace and not waste what God has given me. One of my callings is to be a Christian in the marketplace being a blessing to those I come in contact with AND to through my gift bring Jesus to those that do not know Christ!

What would you say to those who are thinking of starting a business?

Don't ignore what was placed in you. Don't be afraid to TRY. No one who is successful is successful because they didn't try, but because they did and failed. Failure is not the enemy, it's what gives us knowledge. We are our own enemy because we allow fear to stop us for doing what we know what was placed in it. Each of us has purpose and there are others that needs us to reach it so that we can be a testimony. There have been many failures for me. I've experience lost, depression because of the lost but in that God had to deal with me and remind me that I had purpose. We live in some crazy times, but even in that God is always and will be in control!!

Don't give up on your dreams. You will regret it if you do!

Alita currently resides in Illinois with her husband a Native Chicagoan and Christian Indie Artist and their 3 children. and where Virtuous Fashion Designz was birthed with creations from pearls, crystals, beads, stones, crochet infinity scarfs, beaded jewelry, and even materials you would never think of. She also spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouragement through Apparel. What better way to spark a conversation about Christ to those who need to hear the Word of God! This doesn't just showcase the talents that God has given Alita but reaching out to people who are lost so that they may be set free by the blood of Jesus Christ! To be an encouragement that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. To show that God is a healer, a provider, a present help in the time of trouble. God who loves unconditional and a God who will move mountains for those who will accept Him. Virtuous Fashion Designz gives you style, integrity, and the best experience you have ever encountered.